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Enjetic Music

Danny "Enjetic" Rivera. I grew up and reside in Suffolk County, Long Island. I've been around the music industry all my life since my father, Eddie "Rocky" Rivera” has been involved in the music industry working with various artists and actor/actresses. Early on, he would tag me along to see his shows while he performed. At the age of 7, I started to develop my own interest in music and, at age 15 is when I released my first single, "It's Weird", in the UK and Canada with over a million streams. Shortly after that, I worked with several artists such as; Papoose (Jive, Indie) and Etcetera (Universal). My involvement in the acting industry has included several Indie Films. Most recently, I have been working with super producer Charles Hamilton (Interscope & Republic/Universal). Together, we have recorded over 100 songs and, released 4 projects which can be found on all streaming services and YouTube.